• Peace of Mind

    Choose HCS because your business relies on
    the latest and most reliable technology available

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Use HCS because your business needs a
    company that can handle all your cabling solutions

  • Confidence of Service

    Trust HCS because your business deserves the
    most knowledgeable customer service available

C7 Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We only employ people who underwent proper training and are equipped with adequate knowledge, proper regulations and practices concerning structured cabling and its ancillary services. This means that the people we send to handle your requirements are the best fits for the position, expected to deliver competent and excellent work. Our employees are adept with the standard practices and laws of engineering and government-related policies that give our customers the added peace of mind, knowing that we offer nothing less than stellar quality of work. Armed with license numbers attesting credibility, our engineers deploy your requirements accurately and to the best of their abilities.

Work with Hospitals & Commercial entities

Our no-compromise reputation in structured cabling makes us the preferred choice by commercial and healthcare establishments where connectivity, a well-built infrastructure and reliable means of communication play an important role in delivering accurate data and managing day to day operations.

  • Heredia Cabling Solutions has gained corporate and commercial trust as one of California’s premiere cabling professionals that exhibit competency and in-depth technical knowledge. With over 15 years of experience under its wing, HCS has established itself as a go-to provider for companies seeking basic to complex cabling requirements that exceed client expectations. Delivering projects with high-standards and customer-oriented service is our commitment. We have the most advanced tools to ensure that your goals are met, on or before the expected timeline. We provide the needed assurance for every project to give you that peace of mind in running your business operations.