Our Services

How Heredia Cabling Solutions can help you.

  • Computer Network Cabling

    Whether it is an office or a home environment, we do computer network cabling with precision. A seamless computer network is achieved through adequate planning, skilled deployment and a series of critical tests to certify stability of conducted work. Our technology allows us to recommend cabling measurements that deliver the best performance needed for networks, eliminating alien crosstalk, multiple errors and workstation lags on connection levels.

  • Fiber Optic Cabling

    We employ only the best and world-class fiber optic cable brands for your business needs. Our team of experts ensures that together with accurate planning comes the detailed deployment of intricate fiber facilities to serve vertical industries. Our work is always coupled by a service level agreement featuring a variety of support levels according to your administration and configuration needs. For companies that cannot afford downtime, we offer an alternative backhaul to accommodate emergency routes for mission-critical businesses as well as technical support.

  • Surveillance Camera Installation & Cabling

    Businesses these days are reliant on the assurance of safety offered by monitored surveillance CCTV and IP cameras. We conduct onsite ocular inspection and pre- installation network evaluation to determine whether your computer systems, network bandwidth and security configuration can handle an additional load of data. In cases when the current network landscape is insufficient, we always provide recommendations and assessments that could benefit the customers long-term in terms of costs and administration concerns. We also provide consulting services for remote monitoring and backup for any business that requires it.

  • Audio/Video Home Theater System Installation and Cabling

    Our team specializes in the design and installation of different types of audio, video and presentation equipment for commercial and large corporate requirements. Armed with extensive knowledge in audio-visual equipment from HDMI, S-Video, component, RGB, Scart and VGA cabling to Audio & video multi switching (Matrix) equipment, to projectors, plasmas, decoders and other video sources, we provide professional attention and quality workmanship for every project we handle.

  • Fusion Splicing

    We own our own equipment which allows us to provide your business with the fastest response time in the industry. With our service you can rest assured your optical fibers will be fused together in such a way that no light will be scattered or reflected. Your connection will be as closely possible to a single fiber itself.

  • Certification of Cabling

    With our Copper Cable Certification and Fluke Fiber Testing Certification we are able to use the latest technologies and equipment to provide you with the best service possible. We make sure all our tests are done most efficiently and thoroughly allowing your business to succeed at its highest level.

  • Structured Cabling

    Every structured cabling project starts from intelligent, future-proof design and infrastructure mapping, which is prepared in advance prior to anything we do. We make sure that no information or area is left out inaccessible and disconnected from the lot. This intricate planning is also a way for our team to provide cost convenience for our clients. We provide sound recommendations to help our clients budget accordingly through a wide-scale implementation or a phase-by-phase approach. Our detailed documentation and site plan shows transparency for our client’s reference, with a scope of work and a timeline identified with cost components broken down to each minute entity.